‘Treats for Troops’ on 69 WFMZ

Dr.Cherry - Treat for Troops

This year, Cherry Orthodontics found an organization called Soldiers’ Angels that would include the candy in their care packages that they send out to military members. In order to donate, we had to get the candy to Soldiers’ Angels’ headquarters in Texas.   Dr. Cherry has a friend who works at Just Born, and the […]

Soldiers’ Angels For The Candy Buyback!

Got Candy? We are very excited and proud to partner with Soldiers’ Angels for this year’s Candy Buy Back program. This is an awesome activity we do to show love and support for deployed service members and veterans, and we hope you can help us in the effort. Just bring your Halloween candy to either […]

Why Summer is the Best Time to Get Braces or Invisalign

braces in bethlehem pa at cherry orthodontics

It’s summertime! As a parent, you can finally take a break from getting the kids to school, overseeing homework, taking them to practice after work, and so on. For children, it means sleeping in and sleeping more, not having to worry about homework besides a few summer reading books, and mainly using their time for […]

Protect Your Child’s Teeth With A Mouthguard For Braces

Spring has sprung, and that means the start of a new sports season for many families! Ensure that your teeth and braces are protected with a mouthguard while enjoying your favorite sports and activities during the warm months. According to Colgate, the three most common types of teeth-related sports injuries are cracked teeth, fractured roots, […]

Can an HSA or FSA Help Pay for Braces?

Here at Cherry Orthodontics, we are often asked about financial issues and how families can make orthodontic treatment more affordable. As we wrap up 2021 and prepare to flip the calendar into another new year, we want to take a moment to look at two powerful tools for paying for orthodontic treatment: Health Savings Accounts […]

Can Invisalign Fix Impacted Canines?

impacted canine

Misaligned teeth can cause discomfort especially when canine teeth are involved. Overcrowding can cause them to come in too high. Considering that up to 4% of young people will have to deal with impacted canines, it’s important to know your treatment options. Here we discuss just what an impacted canine is, what causes them and how we […]

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