How Invisalign Beats Teledentistry Aligners

Invisalign Beats Teledentistry in Lehigh Valley PA

If you’re an adult looking to improve your smile, you probably don’t want to deal with traditional metal braces. After all, there’s a difference between looking young and looking too young! Luckily, the world of orthodontics has advanced in recent years to provide you with some alternatives to the braces of your youth. Clear aligners […]

How Much Does Invisalign® Cost and Why?

Invisalign in Lehigh Valley PA

Do you know if your son or daughter needs braces but aren’t sure about your options? Or, maybe you’re focused on you in 2020 and Invisalign® clear aligners are something you’re considering to give them a beautiful smile. Either way, many new patients are shocked to discover that Invisalign® costs the same as traditional braces […]

5 Reasons Why Teens Love Invisalign®

Teens Love Invisalign Lehigh Valley PA

2020 is right around the corner and it’s a time for new beginnings for you and your entire family. Many parents of pre-teens and young teenagers know that orthodontics are in their child’s future but may not be aware of all of the options available to them. Invisalign® Teen is one such option that many […]

Preview Your New Smile With Invisalign® SmileView™

Invisalign smileview

Unhappy with your smile? You’re not alone! According to the American Association of Orthodontics, more than one third of Americans are dissatisfied with their smile. Many adults have thought about getting their teeth straightened but aren’t sure where to start. Uncertainty about the results can leave anyone hesitant – will it be worth the cost? […]

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