What Foods Should You Avoid With Braces?

Foods To Avoid With Braces in Lehigh Valley PA
Foods To Avoid With Braces in Lehigh Valley PA

Maybe you’re still thinking about braces. Or maybe you’ve already started down the path to a better smile. Either way, the real work doesn’t end when you leave the office here at Cherry Orthodontics! To make the most of your treatment and ensure healthy teeth that last a lifetime, you’ll also want to modify your diet and dental hygiene routine.

There are two reasons why having braces applied comes with a requirement that you also change your eating habits. First, certain types of food can make your teeth difficult to clean, opening you up to cavities and other consequences. Second, depending on the food, you could cause damage to the metal brackets – and as much as we know you like visiting with us, that’s an extra complication you just don’t need. With that in mind, here are foods to avoid as well as some alternative suggestions:

Foods to Avoid Eating if You Have Braces:

Harder foods such as the whole apples and nuts mentioned above can cause damage to braces. Trust us – there’s nothing worse than when a pretzel bends a wire into your gums! Hard foods can also loosen cement and even break brackets. Sticky and chewy candy has a tendency to get stuck in braces hardware, bending wires and loosening brackets. These types of food can also make it difficult to keep teeth clean, leaving you more susceptible to other dental concerns. If after reading this you are still uncertain if another food is potentially damaging to your braces, it is best to consult with the team at Cherry Orthodontics!.

Great Alternative Foods to Eat with Braces

As you can see, the good news is that you don’t have to give up your favorite foods completely! Much of the smart food choices you need to make with braces revolves around spending a little more prep time. Sliced apples, fresh fruit, soft vegetables, and corn off of the cob will put less wear and tear on your braces and minimize the number of emergency trips to the office! You can also still enjoy the foods that you love by cooking them differently. For example, if your favorite meal happens to be pork ribs and raw carrots, try cutting the meat off the bone and stewing with cooked carrots instead!

Regardless of how you cook and prepare your food, it’s imperative that you brush and floss your teeth after every meal. This will help prevent food from getting stuck between your teeth or in your braces leading to discomfort, cavities, or worse.

Take the First Step On Your Journey

Whether you need help in the kitchen or not, the professionals at Cherry Orthodontics have the experience and expertise to help you select the option that’s right for you and your teen! We are specialists at straightening teeth for both children and adults and take pride in our ability to create beautiful smiles that will last a lifetime. Begin your journey by calling our office in Bethlehem at (484) 265-9380 or our office in Schnecksville at (484) 265-9380, or schedule an appointment online today! We’ll help you select the treatment option that’s best for you or your loved one.

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